What is the Best Time To Drink Matcha for Weight Loss?

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Tired of boring sugar laced energy drinks and not so useful weight loss pills, cheer up people the savior is here; it is high time you switch to matcha green tea, a Japanese green tea is 10X better than your regular dip green tea. Now before we dig out deep about matcha let’s do a background study of this incredible green tea.

What Will Learn From This Article?

  • What is matcha green tea?
  • How does it differ from regular green tea?
  • Growing and processing of matcha
  • Matcha for weight loss
  • Other benefits of matcha
  • What is the best time to drink matcha
  • How Much Matcha Per Day is Safe to Drink?
  • Who Can Drink Matcha Green Tea?

What is Matcha Green Tea?

What is the Best Time To Drink Matcha for Weight Loss?

To identify the best matcha green tea is not a simple process. Matcha is a shade-grown green tea leaf, finely ground powder, and well processed green tea. It is a stone-grounded Japanese style green tea. It is obtained from the same plant Camellia sinensis just like any other green tea. It is a staple in Japan and served during their traditional Chado ceremony. It was initially discovered in China during the reign of the Tang Dynasty and was later introduced to Japan by the Buddhist monks. And now it is needless to say matcha is spreading its magic all over the world.

How does matcha differ from others?

                               We have already stated that matcha is obtained from the same plant as any other green tea. So why there is so much buzz around matcha, after all, green tea is just green tea right? Well not actually, though obtained from the same plant matcha is found to be 10 times more beneficial than any other green tea. But how is it even possible? All credits to the unique growing and processing methods adapted for matcha.

Growing and processing of matcha

Matcha plants are specially grown in shade allowing only 20% sunlight for several weeks before they are harvested. This helps to increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves compared to other green tea leaves and also causes the production of amino acids.

What is the Best Time To Drink Matcha for Weight Loss?

 The stems and veins are then removed during processing and the harvested leaves are sun dried. Once completely dry the leaves become crumpled and are then stone-ground to produce the matcha powder. Grinding is usually a slow process; it is done to keep the aroma intact

Matcha for weight loss

The Secret of matcha for weight loss is a very natural ingredient in the leaves. The antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) present in the green tea is responsible for weight loss. This is found in abundance in matcha when compared to other varieties of green tea.

Matcha is low in calories compared to your normal tea or coffee, and a low intake of calories means less are chances that they get accumulated as extra fat in the body.

Matcha aids in improving the metabolic activity of our body. If the metabolic rates are low, no matter how much less food you consume weight loss will be inefficient; in that case, matcha is definitely a boon.

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

If you think matcha is only for weight loss, then sorry you are mistaken. Besides weight loss matcha has several other health benefits also.

Matcha helps in detoxification; in this modern life, we all are guilty of not following a healthy diet at some point. We consume a wide variety of food that might actually be toxic to the body but again don’t worry matcha can help you with this one too, it is indeed a great detoxifier. Matcha is also found to be useful in calming your mind so that you feel refreshed and will also be able to concentrate better

Now having done enough background study on matcha let’s jump back to where we began-THE RIGHT TIME TO DRINK MATCHA.

What is the Best time to drink matcha for weight loss?

What is the Best Time To Drink Matcha for Weight Loss?

The answer to this question actually depends on another question, why do you drink matcha? People drink matcha for various reasons, some drink it to reduce weight, some to improve concentration and some use it for detoxification and few consume it for its rich vitamins and antioxidants. Now let’s discuss the perfect time for each case.

1. Before a workout

If you are consuming matcha for weight loss, then the ideal time to drink matcha is before a workout. As we know matcha immensely aids in improving the metabolic rate, having it right before your workout gives you tremendous results. Matcha is certainly one thing that will make you want to hit the gym right away.

2. Before heading to the workplace

Matcha was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks, you know why? Because they said it helped them to meditate for a longer duration without any kind of distraction and also to keep their mind calm and refreshed.

In today’s world of chaos where everyone is running one race or another, there is of course a lot of distractions due to tension and pressure. But we can’t afford these distractions to come in way of our work, no issues grab a cup of matcha before heading to your office; you will certainly find a change, a good one of course.

Well students, is your maths teacher yelling at you because you lack concentration and your boards are nearing; guess what your best friend is here to help. We know mathematics is tough but concentrating is not with matcha to help.

3. Recharge your lazy afternoon

Matcha is known for its slow release of energy after consumption. So if you are consuming it as an energy booster, having it in late noon helps you recharge your lazy afternoon. This slow release in energy is attributed to the combination of caffeine and natural ingredients present in matcha. Now a few extra hours at work shouldn’t be bothering you; at least in terms of exhaustion, matcha would keep you energized throughout your working hour.

4. Refreshing evenings

As much as your body needs rest after a hectic day at work, your mind needs to be refreshed too. Matcha helps in relaxing your mind due to the caffeine content in it. All you need after a long day is a cup of matcha after all.

Having said that avoid consuming matcha right before hitting your bed or after dinner. Though in smaller amounts compared to your normal tea or coffee matcha however contains caffeine which would take four to five hours to digest. While a few may be totally tolerant to it, matcha is generally not advisable at night hours just like your traditional coffee is.

It is also advisable not to consume matcha early in the morning on an empty stomach as it might cause stomach upset.

How Much Matcha Per Day is Safe to Drink?

                     We are all aware of this ‘Too much of anything is good for nothing’; now the actual question is how much is not too much? People generally consume up to one or two cups per day. While it solely depends on individuals, their body conditions, and their tolerance level for caffeine, four to five cups of matcha a day is absolutely safe to drink; it is also sufficient to keep you energized throughout the day.          

Who can drink matcha green tea?

Matcha is absolutely safe and also a healthier option compared to your traditional tea or coffee. Due to its low caffeine content, one cup of matcha per day is safe even for pregnant women and children. Even for caffeine-sensitive people, one cup of matcha is definitely falling within the intolerable level. However if you are caffeine sensitive and if you are trying to make matcha for weight loss, consulting your doctor is recommended. Due to rich antioxidant content matcha proves to be good for high cholesterol and sugar conditions and also for people with skin problems. On the whole, matcha is certainly a better and healthier replacement option for your regular tea or coffee, however, if you are having any specific health condition it is always advisable that you take your doctor’s opinion prior to consumption.

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