10 Excellent Matcha Green Tea Benefits For Health

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By now you have probably heard of Matcha Green Tea and even if never heard before then here is a small info for you,

Matcha green tea is a traditional green tea from Japan. Usually, matcha tea consumed if its a festival or any peaceful offering between clans in the past centuries. Now matcha green tea benefits is opened to the world recently and it’s intense popularity that this organic elixir is earning all over the world.

If you are a regular consumer of matcha you’re absolutely aware of the huge benefit which you’re doing to your health by sipping this drink once each day, maybe twice or even more.

Matcha Green Tea Benefits For Health

It’s really an Elixir of well-being with immune-boosting, fat burning, energy-enhancing, anxiety reducing and antimicrobial properties. And these are just a couple.

Here’s a listing of some health advantages that Matcha green tea has to offer:

Matcha Green Tea Benefits For Health

Matcha Benefit 1: Anti-aging Properties

Our body is continually coping with anxiety coming from our surroundings, the foods we consume, sunlight exposure and natural wear and tear. These anxieties produce free radicals that are known to harm healthy cells by depleting them of oxygen and breaking down the degree of collagen — that is vital in maintaining our cells healthy and youthful.

A curious fact: among the areas on the planet where folks live the longest is Okinawa, Japan. The Okinawan people’s longevity was partially attributed to regular ingestion of Matcha Green Tea and a very low amount of anxiety as a result of their healthful way of life.

Matcha Benefit 2: Burn Fats Quickly

One of the most important health benefits of matcha tea helps to burn fat cells from our body. Containing a high amount of L-theanine and fat burning supplements keep your body fit and healthy. This tea also called as detox tea or weight loss tea in some time, because of its fat burning supplements.

Matcha Green Tea Benefits For Health

1 Cup of Matcha Green tea equals to 10 cups of Regular Green tea

Matcha Benefit 3: Promotes Detoxification

As a result of its distinctive method of being increased, Matcha contains very significant levels of Chlorophyll. The truth is the plants are coated with a thick mesh during the previous 3 weeks ahead of the harvest to be able to induce the plant to radically increase its own production of Chlorophyll because of lack of sun. This procedure not only boosts the amount of Chlorophyll from the leaves but also gives a more mellow flavor to the tea.

Chlorophyll assists our body to get rid of stored toxins, including heavy metals, toxins and hormone disrupters. It’s the pigment that provides the leaves their green colour. A vivid and glowing green at Matcha (compared to more dull/yellowish ranges) contrasts not just in greater quality and flavor, but also in the high volume of Chlorophyll, L-Theainine and assured freshness of the item. So, this makes into our matcha green tea benefits list.

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Matcha Benefit 4: Enhances Body Metabolism

EGCG has been demonstrated in some laboratory studies to improve metabolism, and another study indicates that EGCG might help halt the rise of new fat cells. Both studies indicate that Matcha green tea may boost both resting metabolic rate and fat burning.

Consumption of Matcha has also an influence on your appetite. It increases the generation of CCK, a hormone naturally published in our gut which tells the mind when there’s sufficient food to the body.

Matcha Benefit 5: Enhances Energy Levels

Matcha is the ideal option when needing a sustained increase of energy, courtesy of the caffeine within it. Matcha’s caffeine material has quite a different effect on the body in contrast to caffeine contained in coffee and other energy drinks. Which proves that the health benefits of matcha are vast and pure.

Matcha Benefit 6: Improves Creativity

There more matcha green tea benefits in our list, here’s a better one. In reality caffeine at Matcha is alkalizing instead of acidic, and it works in conjunction with a rare amino acid called L-Theanine ( found only in the tea plant) leading to a lengthy and slow release of energy to our system more than a 4 to 6 hours interval, preventing that jittery effect and crash which caffeine in coffee triggers.

Additionally, it does not have some effect on our adrenal glands, which may cause some serious injury over long intervals.

Matcha Benefit 7: Enhances Memory and Concentration

Another interesting skill of L-Theanine is boosting the creation of serotonin and dopamine. Both of these compounds serve to increase mood, enhance memory, and encourage better concentration.

Matcha Green Tea contains very significant levels of L-Theanine, a rare amino-acid found only in the tea plant that has the capacity of boosting alpha wave activity in the mind.

Alpha waves are typically generated in the mind during wakeful states which are characterized with a relaxed and simple alertness (for example, meditation or mild aerobic exercises).

Science has shown that Alpha Waves may also stimulate imagination and minimize melancholy.

Matcha Benefit 8: Improves Immune System

The catechins from Matcha Green Tea powder are shown to have high antibiotic properties that promote general wellbeing. By protecting our own body against the harm from free radicals and related substances, Matcha helps to keep the immune system functioning normally. Healthy immune systems are much better at managing infections from bacteria, viruses and parasites. Furthermore, Only One bowl of Matcha Green Tea provides considerable quantities of Potassium, Vitamins A & C, Iron, vitamin, and vitamin.

Matcha Benefit 9: Reduces Bad Cholesterol Level

Green tea catechins have been widely researched due to their cancer preventative effects. Accumulating evidence shows that green tea Catechins (EGCG) have powerful anti-oxidant activity and influence several signal transduction pathways related to cancer growth. EGCG has also been demonstrated to kill several distinct kinds of cancer cells in lab conditions. This is one of the best Matcha Green Tea Benefits as science says.

Additionally, it reduces hyperglycemia (elevated blood glucose level) and cholesterol with diabetes.

Matcha Benefit 10: Make Your Skin Glow

Surprise fact, in the past centuries Japanese women used matcha as a skin mask to clean dust and dirt from the face. Matcha has the ability to get rid of dark circles and detox your skin if it used on regularly.

Matcha Green Tea Benefits For Health

Last, an excellent news for people who are wondering how Matcha tastes like is that authentic top quality Japanese Matcha has quite an intricate and pleasant flavour even when drank by itself.

For people who hadn’t so pleasant encounters with Matcha, we feel the desire to mention that the quality of the powder has a huge effect on the flavour of the drink. Low levels, although may be quite helpful for cooking functions when a stronger and sour flavour is necessary when drank as a tea can be quite astringent and disagreeable into the palette.

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