How To Make A Matcha Latte At Home In 3 Steps

Learn step-by-step to make matcha green tea with simple ingredients.

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So, you’re searching for a good and healthy matcha tea latte? Many cafés have some sort of latte on their menu, and people find it irresistible. Have you ever heard of Matcha green tea latte? Nonetheless, you don’t actually know if what you’re drinking comes with all of the health advantages of a pure matcha latte.

Making a matcha green tea latte ensures that there aren’t any additional components or preservatives that will prevent you from consuming the natural organic l-theanine amino acid. L-theanine is a pure aspect found in matcha, and it’s been confirmed to assist scale back coronary heart illness, stress, nervousness. It even aids in weight loss – – what more you need?

So let’s get into the making of Matcha latte at home in simple steps.

Matcha Latte Components

  • 200ml Milk of your choice
  • 1 Tsp natural matcha powder
  • 1 Tsp honey
  • 50ml hot water
  • Bamboo whisk and scoop
  • small bowl
  • Mug

How To Make A Matcha Latte At Home ?

How To Make A Matcha Latte At Home In 3 Steps


  1. Whisk 2 scoops (one tsp) of Matcha Green Tea powder with 50ml of sizzling (however not boiling) water to make a green tea shot.
  2. As soon as the matcha green tea powder and water are fully blended, add the honey and whisk again completely until the honey completely dissolves
  3. In case you have an espresso machine with a steam frother, use it! Otherwise, warm the milk to a low simmer on the stove. When the milk is hot, whisk completely to create some foam.
  4. Pour the new milk into your latte mug after which add the matcha, water, and honey combination.
  5. Take pleasure in your matcha latte!

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